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Art Transforms the Wall

These artists transform the wall from something that imprisons to something that gives life—signs of Immanuel. Meditations on the lessons

in Prison

At the end of October, there were 7000 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons.  400 of these prisoners are

Apricots as Resistance

But Sami’s orchards were where Israel wanted to build the wall around the illegal settlement of Har Gilo. The

Keep Awake!

The children in Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem walk past armed Israeli soldiers every day on their way to

Breaking the Silence

We went on patrol to make our presence felt, to create a feeling of uncertainty, so that Palestinians never

The Martyrs’ Wall, Nablus

When Americans think “Palestinian,” one photo image is the funeral, with mobs of mourners, hoisting the body, face uncovered,

Palm Sunday, Bethlehem

This morning our congregation gathered outside and processed in with palms. The children sang a special Palm Sunday song as

His Name Was Nadim Nuwara

His Name Was Nadim Nuwara

And he died at age 17, outside Ofer Prison near Beitunia in May, protesting imprisonment of Palestinians. Video released